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Plattsburgh's Town Center

The story of Town Center is one of a changing municipal landscape, a transformational highway, a big box retail boom, and an Air Force base whose presence altered Plattsburgh forever. Now, we want to re-humanize our car-centric commercial core by investing in housing, our streetscapes, and broadening the window of opportunity for our local businesses.  

The importance of the Town Center from an economic standpoint cannot be understated. Primarily commercial in nature and comprised of approximately 2,000 acres, this area is defined by a relatively low density of fringe development, with the exception of the highly commercially developed Route 3 corridor. Town Center is home to approximately 320 businesses that employ nearly 5,000 people, but only about 200 homes. Our Town Center is a major regional retail destination, drawing shoppers from the immediate area, the Adirondacks, and Canada; generating significant sales tax revenues for our community and Clinton County. The various lodging and accommodations within the area serve both the tourism and business communities. The Industrial Park and Airport Development districts have become major employment centers as well. All culminating in a bustling hub that sees nearly 40,000 vehicle trips per day on Route 3 alone. 

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