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We are ready to hear your ideas. Please use this form to submit a project proposal: Project Interest Form

Instructions: Download the fillable Project Interest Form.  Email the completed form to

Information and FAQs for interested parties: 

This form should be used if you are looking to propose a project that could be included in the Town’s DRI application. Proposals need to include a project description and budget and identify the amount of grant funding sought. For your project to be included in the application you must be able to provide all information requested in the forms. Forms submitted will be reviewed and additional information and documentation may be required by the Town.

Eligible project types include building renovation and redevelopment, new construction, adaptive reuse, interior renovations for new/expanded commercial use or new residential units, and projects that enhance community character such as public art.

Projects should provide benefits for the community and be shovel ready. Shovel ready means your project is designed, cost estimates are known, the site is secured, you have some funding in place, and implementation could feasibly begin in fall of 2025. Please note that inclusion in the application does not guarantee your project will receive funding if Plattsburgh is awarded.​

General ideas and input are also welcome and accepted separately through the public comment form

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