Draft Vision Statement

The Vision Statement is a forward looking, aspirational statement and should reflect what residents would like their community to look like in the next 5 to 10 years. It serves as the foundation upon which the Smart Growth Plan is built and the keystone holding the framework of recommendations and goals together.

The following vision statement is a work in progress. As the project progresses the statement will be revisited.

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Community members have taken an active and informed role in shaping the future of the study area. Collaboration between residents, local government and private developers has resulted in a unique, authentic, high-quality built environment that serves as a destination for visitors and a wonderful place to live, work and play. Housing, employers, shopping and public spaces are located close to one another, allowing a sense of place and community to thrive. Quality housing options accommodate residents of various ages, life-styles, and incomes, filling the ‘missing middle’ in the local housing supply.

Transportation options extend beyond the private automobile and include safe walking, biking and the ability to utilize public transportation.

Well-designed buildings and public spaces reflect the unique identity of the area and its residents while enhancing Plattsburgh’s community character. Development has been guided- not forced- by both the market and community interests.

Balanced growth has avoided sprawl and complements the City of Plattsburgh, the Town’s growing industrial center and the rural outreaches of the community. Well-defined neighborhoods and key areas of open space have been created or preserved for their environmental, agricultural, scenic and recreational value. The Town’s proximity to and views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain contribute to the study area’s sense of place.

Energy is used efficiently and produced sustainably. Resiliency considerations have made the area strong and flexible enough to handle changing and unanticipated conditions.

Draft Project Area Concept

Draft Concept Drawing