Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elevate Plattsburgh?

Every 10 years the Town of Plattsburgh takes a hard look at how it wants to develop. This effort has been dubbed "Elevate Plattsburgh" and is headed by the Town Planning Department and Project Advisory Committee. The results of the plan will be a series of recommendations and action steps that will guide the development of the study area for the next 10 years.  

How will the Smart Growth Plan be developed?

Elevate Plattsburgh will require public input sessions, an inventory of existing conditions, a review of existing studies, a market analysis and interviews with stakeholder groups. As information is gathered from these sources, the public will be engaged in design workshops and open houses. These sessions will provide residents and project partners an opportunity to 'check in' with one another to make sure that the ideas and designs are on track.

Project Process

What is Smart Growth?

Smart Growth is a method of developing communities in a socially, economically and environmentally conscious manner. This can mean offering a mix of housing types, a well connected system of public parks, an attractive and walkable streetscape, infill development and a lively neighborhood. The Elevate Plattsburgh study area is anticipated to grow, so a proactive smart growth approach can establish a solid foundation to build on.

How is this different from the 2010 Comprehensive Plan?

The Town's Comprehensive Plan was a plan for the entire town. The Elevate Plattsburgh plan is for a more focused area and will include a more detailed design and market analysis.